30+ people
on the staff
Marketing specialists are on the staff
(participate in Ptototyping development)
6 development
Always comply with
experts from junior
to senior
That is what we do
The development of different applications for
iOS and Android platforms
  • Native development.
  • Cross platform development.
  • Prototyping.
  • Study on the basis of the user behavioral psychology in the application.
  • Application simplification.
  • Code optimization and adaptation.
Cost calculation
Thoughtful UX/UL design of
  • Mobile applications .
  • Games for mobile phones.
  • 3D дизайн.
  • Study of the design on the basis of the user behavioral psychology in the application.
  • Design simplification for appreciation.
  • Current design rework.
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Game development for mobile devices
  • Game development using 2D/3D graphics.
  • Study of “physics” in a game.
  • The development of games of any complexity.
  • Game play creation which is interesting to users.
  • The integration of unostentatious advertizing.
  • Study of earnings strategy in a game.
  • The introduction of internal purchases.
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Applications testing
  • Automatic testing.
  • Manual testing.
  • Service.
  • Error detection due to heavy workload.
  • Report generation.
  • Debugging.
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Applications optimization
and adaptation
  • The optimization of applications code.
  • The improvement of code quality and adaptation.
  • The introduction of new functions.
  • Design updating.
  • Translation into other programming language.
  • Integration with services and the website.
  • The introduction of the control panel and so forth.
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The development of programs for PC
  • The development of automation programs.
  • The development of web applications.
  • The development of databases.
  • Working with BigData.
  • The development of cloud services.
  • The development of service systems.
  • The development of other programs of any complexity.
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The development of websites
  • The development of landing pages.
  • The development of the corporate websites.
  • The development of large online stores.
  • The Integration of third-party services.
  • Platform solution.
  • The introduction of automation system.
  • The websites promotion and so forth.
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